Transactional Email Marketing Guide

email-icon-200x200Today, I finished reading through a guide about email marketing that I found via a tweet from one of my sister’s techie friends. It is a very long guide that is especially useful for SaaS-type companies, but I’ve gleaned some useful tips for my B2B marketing work as well. The post is by and is called “How to Send Email Like a Startup: A Guide to Making Every Email Count.”

There are several things I learned (or reinforced in my mind) from this resource. First, it’s important to consider every piece of collateral that a customer comes into contact with from your company. Even such seemingly mundane things as a confirmation email for signing up for an email list have immense marketing potential within them.

Second, the guide talks about the Pirate Metrics model: AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue). In the context of the guide, it’s a useful breakdown for helping to understand how different, non-intrusive transactional emails sent to a customer help reinforce every step of that AARRR funnel.

Third, I picked up valuable ideas for my own marketing practice. One of them is the value of including links to surveys in email campaigns. After all, why not use one’s base of customers to generate feedback about the company and find potential brand champions? I never thought of this opportunity, and I’m glad the guide clued me into it.

Overall, email campaigns are a fascinating part of marketing because when they are done well, they can be a beautiful thing (done poorly, they’re as ugly as spam meat is disgusting). The guide from puts it well: “email is a place to test and reinforce who your company is in spirit, content, and design.”