Sample Marketing Plan Outline

Inset of painting of chessLet’s call the company where I am employed as a marketing professional “Acme.” At Acme, I’m currently working on creating a marketing plan for 2017. Acme is a small business where I am the only dedicated marketing person in the company. When I started in April of this year, few processes had been in place, and I’ve had to jump-start many projects and procedures from scratch.

So to create a marketing plan for 2017, I went online, researched the topic, and synthesized several examples of marketing plans into an outline that works for me. The result of that work I will share with you at the bottom of this blog post.

Undoubtedly, some small business such as Acme operate without an annual marketing plan. But what are some benefits of having one? They are numerous, and I will only name a few. First, it’s a chance to step back and reflect on the marketing (and company) operations from a distance, which will likely uncover numerous useful insights. Second, it gives an opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses for the company in relation to the marketplace. Third, it allows for setting of SMART goals. Finally, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be identified as part of a marketing plan to measure performance throughout the year.

So without further adiue, below is the link to my sample marketing plan outline. It’s a little on the long side since I sought to capture as much relevant information as possible from the sources that I found online. Feel free to trim it down (or add to it) as your needs require.

Download: Sample Marketing Plan Outline