Tips on Working from Home in Marketing

Inset of steel mill painting by KroyerIn my job at “Acme,” I mostly work remotely from home. It can be difficult at times to focus on the project at hand with so many distractions at one’s disposal (and no one looking over your shoulder). Here I will share some tips that have been working for me to stay on task when I’m sitting in front of my computer screen in my loafers.

  • Get in the work mindset early. In the morning (and even the night before), try to think about what needs to be done for your work. It doesn’t have to be an intense planning session, just let your mind do some light brainstorming to get in the right groove mentally.
  • Take scheduled breaks. There’s no use in burning out by working for long periods of time. Scheduling breaks for yourself ensures you put in the right hours while also getting the rest you need throughout the workday.
  • Think about work during breaks. This may seem counter-intuitive, but it can help prevent a lapse in concentration after the break is over (or can help stop you from extending your break indefinitely by going off on a web-surfing tangent).
  • Try renting a coworking office space. This can be useful if you do almost all of your work from home. I’ve tried this myself but actually found that I can focus better at home. Nevertheless, this may work well for others.
  • Visualize completed projects. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on point because you’re working on so many things that it seems nothing gets done. Help yourself out by taking a moment (or during a break) to imagine what a project will look like in its completed state (and the feelings of reward you will experience once it is done).
  • Track your workday. A tool like Toggl has helped me stay “on the clock” when I’m at home and has the added benefit of reporting to you on what projects you’ve worked on throughout the day (and week).
  • Set short- and long- term goals. Distractions love it when you’re not sure about what you should be working on (and how that project fits into the bigger marketing picture). Fight them off by having personal goals for the day, week, quarter, and year (whatever works for you).
  • Stay accountable to someone. If you have free reign in your work and are finding it difficult to stay motivated, commit yourself to a regular report that you share with a higher-up about the progress of your work. You’ll also feel a sense of reward when you show someone else all of the work that you have completed.

What strategies do you use to stay motivated when working from home in marketing?