Marketing Blogs That Inspire

Amid the constant hum of everyday work, it pays to sit back and appreciate the broader impact of one’s vocation and how it relates to one’s life in general. I did just that today. For inspiration, I found three marketing-related blogs that take a broader view of business apart from the usual “10 Tips on How to Boost Your Social Media Presence” type posts. I’ll share them with you below.

The first is Seth Godin’s blog. What I like about Seth is his pithy philosophical approach to work. I also admire that he posts an article each day, almost as a discipline. That’s something I’ll try to aim for — divided between my three blogs (personal, academic, and vocational).

The second blog is A Learning A Day. Similarly, Rohan, the writer of the blog, posts once a day, which makes these first two blogs continual sources of inspiration to come back to on a daily basis. He even mentions Seth as a major source of influence in his own life and work. Such thoughtful, dutiful blogs are refreshing (to me, at least) amid the hustle of everyday work and an ever-changing business climate.

Finally, there is a classic: Signal v. Noise. This blog is from the founders of Basecamp, a company from my hometown of Chicago. I was first exposed to their work via their book, REWORK, which triggered an awakening in me about the possibilities of different types of work cultures. I will return to this blog, though they post less often than others.